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Real-Estate FAQ

We Are Available For Shoots 6 Days A Week / Phone And Email Hours Are 9am – 6pm / We Can Shoot As Long As There Is Daylight / Twilight Shoots Begin Just Before Civil Twilight And Usually End Just After Nautical Twilight

Good thing you asked we have a “home prep guide” that gives a great break down in our downloads area. We can also email it to you. This list is very important for you to follow and have ready before we arrive.

Nothing really, we will still take the photos, however, you may have some things in the shot that you don’t want or that will not show the listing in its full potential. One of the ways we are able to keep cost down is by arriving at a listing, shooting, and packing up in a short amount of time. We can offer staging services and maid service upon request. Call for quote.

You will have photos in your inbox within 24 hours or less. Video takes a little more time, 48 hours or less. / the only exception to this timeframe is if we are experiencing heavy workloads, in that case you will know when booking. / all shoots performed on Saturday or Sunday should expect a 48 hour turn around.

The best way to determine how many photos you need is to walk your home and count the rooms. Larger family rooms and kitchens have entry and exit points that will most likely be photographed / We usually do not photograph all bathrooms and closets. There are some thoughts in real estate photography; you don’t want to show all your cards. Photographing every nook and cranny may actually discourage buyers from visiting the property because they feel like they have already seen it all

The amount of time required to properly photograph a home or commercial building can vary. The biggest factor is the size of the property. As a general guideline, plan on 1 hour, although some smaller properties can take as little as 30 minutes. However, larger properties can take up to 4 hours.

We accept all forms of payment: credit cards, checks or cash. All payments shall be made prior to or at the time of the shoot.

We do charge tax, required by the state of Texas, however, it is all built into our real estate pricing. This makes us very competitive because unlike other real-estate photographers, the price you see is the exact price you pay.

We will reschedule at no charge to you for rainy days. We will still shoot on cloudy days and will touch up the exterior photos to give your photos blue skies.

We provide hi-res photos and MLS ready photos for every shoot we do. Our compression software keeps the quality when reformatting to a lower resolution for email and web. All of the hi-res photos will be stored online for free and accessible to you from your computer or phone 24/7

HDR or high dynamic range is the method of taking 3 or more photos of the same area with different exposures and combining those photos in post to create one photo with extreme ranges. This final process can sometimes look surreal and almost fake. / What we do is similar in function, however, we don’t cross the line to surreal. We want our photos to look as realistic as possible. So the answer is yes, but we don’t go crazy in post. This also keeps cost down. We do offer flash photography.

As long as we don’t need you there to grant us access, than no. / We do ask that you provide us with any gate codes, alarm codes, hide a key spots etc. So we can get to work right away. We are not a licensed real estate agent, so we do not have supra access. / If the shoot is taking place in a manned security neighborhood, we ask that you make sure our name is given to the security guard so we can enter the area. / We will normally be in contact with you so you are aware of when we started and finished. Also, if you want to be there while we shoot, that is A OK with us.

Absolutely, as long as you give us a 48 hour notice. Less than a 48 hour notice will cost $50, and less than 24 hour notice will cost $75. We lose the ability to take other assignments when we have short notice cancelations, so our fees are designed to help us recoup some of that lost work. / There are always exceptions so please contact us ASAP so we can discuss options and figure a way to help you out. The first cancellation is on us.

How would you respond to a potential client with a FSBO listing? A realtor specializes in selling, a photographer specializes in taking photos, so it’s kind of a no brainer why you should hire a pro. If you have doubts check out our side-by-side iPhone vs. pro photoshere on our RE blog.

For all of our real estate shoots we use our own modified HDR process. For architecture shoots we mainly shoot with flash. You get way better results with proper lighting techniques, however, the cost is higher, hence the reason real estate gigs get processed with HDR and not flash. Let us know if you have questions in this regard and we can explain in detail with you.

Making our clients happy is very important to us. Keeping our clients happy is even more important. If you don’t like the photos or are not happy, let us know, we will make it right. Just for the record, we have been taking photos for real estate agents for over 7 years and have never been asked for a refund yet.

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