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Video FAQ

it depends

It’s hard to say without having all the details, but our projects start at around $1200. Most projects range between $2000 to $4500.

Note: We have Real-Estate Packages that are based on bulk pricing for brokerages to receive discounts.


No, and here’s why. Every project is so different. A one minute video promo for one company may cost the same as a 30 sec. video for another, it all depends on what is involved. Think of it like real estate, the average price per sqft varies greatly. We can work with almost any budget so make sure you contact us to get a custom quote.

you might find lower quality but you wont find lower prices

We are probably the most inexpensive for the quality we offer. We do our best to make sure you dont have to sacrifice quality for cost. We will go over everything with you during the consultation.

Half day and Full day rates are standard in the industry. On any shoot, our team and crews put in a considerable amount of time developing a shot list, checking off shoot logistics, preparing equipment, transporting gear and setting up. Every shoot is a 4-hour commitment, minimum.

Since we are setup to work with smaller budgets we typically don’t contract out to many things, however, from time to time, models, actors, and other talent may be needed for a project. We source those talents and those cost are budgeted into the overal project cost.

You do, of course. There may be licensing stipulations attached to the final edited footage, however, those will all be discussed prior to strting any projects.

We use Final Cut Pro, Compressor 4 and Motion 5 and a few others. We shoot on mostly pro DSLR’s. These cameras are great for lower cost productions and allow us to pass the savings on to you while still producing professional HD footage. We also use professional lighting and audio gear. We upgrade out equipment from time to time and are always adding to the list, so this information may not be the most up to date.

This is hard to answer because each project is so different. Most of the video productions we do take 1-2 days and then 2-4 weeks in post, and of course that is not taking pre-production time in to consideration. We have worked on longer productions that have taken up to 2 weeks for productions and 1-2 months post with budgets up to $12,000. We typically focus more on smaller pomotional and training type videos, but we also can be setup for longer and more intense projects as well. It is always best to email us or call to discuss your ideas.

Every project is different, but we typically complete projects within 2-4 weeks. If your project is simple and straightforward, we’ll finish it closer to the 2 week mark. If it has a lot of graphics, custom music and/or must go through an approval committee, you’re probably looking at 4-6 months. Our schedule is also a factor, so sometimes we’re able finish projects sooner than normal. We do offer rush services for additonal fees.


Absolutely, we normally shoot within a 60 mile radius, however we can travel outside of that if needed. Additional fee wll apply.

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